Friday, January 11, 2013

Naruto...the new sadness episode..

This new episode is publish on 2nd January 2013. It is tragic and touching episode because someone with very important character has gone. And from this episode, the truly love between Hinata and Naruto was unleashed. Cannot hold to view the next episode :)..

Naruto 615 - Page 3

Neji was killed in protecting his best friend, Naruto.

Naruto 615 - Page 6

Obito which misguided from the path of truth try to influence Naruto to give in for his devil plan.

Naruto 615 - Page 7
Luckily Hinata always by his side to enlighten Naruto from enticed with the words from Obito

Naruto 615 - Page 10

That's why your life is not only one..."Neji sama"

Naruto 615 - Page 17
Actually this is the second time Hinata saves Naruto from their enemies. So come on, wake up Naruto...Has someone keep a deep feeling towards you.

So excited to see Naruto and Hinata standing fight together in against their enemies. Hopefully this anime will ended with happily ending :)... The main character of this anime not only focusing on Naruto only. For me, every character in Naruto have their own strength and it make this anime become more interesting compared with other anime.

Actually, the tales of Naruto is a long journey and still continue until now. It is consist a lot of motivation and lesson for not easily give up and always try to strive in improve self to be a better person.. So Good luck Naruto and friends..And for my self, "Never Ever Say Give Up"...

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